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Spiritual Evolution – How Can We Grow?

6If we are able to realize earlier in life that our most important purpose is to grow inside, to polish the diamond which is our soul, we could avoid many sufferings by learning lessons with anticipation! Wealth, fame, material values come to us as “accessories”, only when they do not represent any danger for our growth and only if our anterior deeds generate these rights…

Motto: “If only one of you, who read this book, will get to live a better life, to grow spiritually, nothing was in vain and we met not for nothing! It is enough to wish something and the entire Universe would cooperate!” (Author)

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7 Big Steps to a Better Life

7If someone told you that a better life is available for any soul on this Planet – that we can access happiness, beauty and success through love, without a considerable effort, wouldn’t that sound interesting? To see that your youth, glow and freshness are preserved? To magnetize, to awaken the admiration of those around you and why not, to leave something beautiful behind as you pass through life? If the answer is YES, this means that the present book is in the hands of the right person, following the resonance principle. I have already started the transformation and I know that it is possible for us to receive all these. Magic wand is in your own hands! „

Motto: God is in all men, but not all men are in God. This is why their suffering. (Ramakrishna)

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